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This morning I was cleaning out some old files, and ran across my handwritten notes from the course. In the notes I discovered a list of The 7 Secret Principles of Hypnotic Writing. They still stand the test of time today, so I thought I would share them with you here. 

Please keep in mind, these arent so much a primer as a list of clues as to what Vitales Hypnotic Writing is. But from these clues you can discern enough valuable information to almost instantly improve your own writing, whether its blog posts, sales letters, emails or anything else. New Paragraph

1: Make it Personal Hypnotic writing speaks to YOU, the reader. Youll find words such as you, me, I, yours, etc. All of this makes you feel like the writing is speaking to your personally. In fact, it is. The more personal, the more hypnotic. 
2: Keep it Active Hypnotic writing is active. Youll find lots of verbs. Youll find little passive writing. Its the difference between saying, The writing was hypnotic, and saying, Joe weaves hypnotic writing. The first is passive, the second is active.

 3: Get Emotional Hypnotic writing taps your emotions. You may find it doing so in a story format or in a direct narrative. Either way, the writing will pull at your heart strings. One of Joes most famous letters began, I was nearly in tears… That line engaged the emotions of readers. You had to read the letter to discover what the tears were for.
 4: Be Sensual Writing hypnotically involves your senses. Youll find descriptions of feeling, tasting, seeing, smelling and hearing. All of this will help you become involved with the writing and therefore susceptible to what it commands. 

5: Be Commanding Hypnotic writing commands the reader to do something. As the reader, you might not detect the command as it may be embedded. But there will always be one. Ask yourself, What do I want to do after reading this? What you do next may be a result of the hypnotic command.  
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